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Photographing close to home

Had a camera for a few years or just bought one. It was  the best I could afford at the time. Unfortunately I’m not making pictures that I am really happy with. I am not sure if it is the camera or me.

You might fit into one of these scenarios or you might be quite experience, have all the good gear and into landscape photography.
The best place to start improving your photography is in your own backyard. Or the kitchen, the lounge room or some other place close by.
It may only be 10 minutes or so with the camera as often as possible which means keeping it handy, not stashed away in the cupboard or a  desk drawer .
Find things where light and shadow is playing an interesting tune….maybe the salt shaker inn the kitchen, a garden flower or the back gate.
Whatever your experience it is a simple and often overlooked principle with many of my workshop students.
If you want to be a photographer then be  like the good concert pianist or the pro golfer. PRACTISE.