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Moving House…one of those stressful things in life. So much to pack, so many items that have passed their used-by date.

Enter the room where all my framed work is stored. So much that’s been in a gallery somewhere and not sold, others damaged but you could not bear the part with them. There were plenty more attachments too.

I remember reading about the famous fashion photographer David Bailey, who took all his work into the backyard of his London home and set it on fire.

It sounded like a good idea.

Like Attila the Hun I cut a swathe through the collected works. Few survived. The rest were thrown in the car, taken to the dump, doused in diesel and set alight.

It was a very satisfying feeling. 

Apparently it’s not uncommon in the art world. Many painters have followed the path, painting over their work and starting again.

I had stepped back, looked at my work with a different perspective. It was indeed a reality check

I can recommend it.

Photos: Dalhousie Hot Springs, Witjira National Park, far north South Australia. Despite waters ranging  in temperature from 38 to 43 C its a welcome oasis in the middle of a vast desert.