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The value of Meditation has come a long away in the western world over last 20 years Even though Its been around for 2000 years or so in eastern culture it  was treated with some scepticism by the modern world and science. That has rapidly changed in recent years with scientific study of the brain. There’s now conclusive evidence meditation has real benefits ranging from coping with the pressures of modern life to controlling anxiety, fear, poor sleep, pain relief and many more problems.

I have been practising meditation for many years and slowly I’ve recognised that photography is a form of meditation.

One of the key principles of meditation is to learn to live in the present. As that skill grows through meditation is can be applied to photography.

By living in the present you are focused on the things around you…one of the key elements to taking good images.

Living in the present means having no expectation of an outcome. I have had this happen on many occasions. That doesn’t mean aimlessly wandering around in the hope some miracle shot will appear before you.

It’s OK to have a plan, a purpose in whatever type of photography you work in.

I shoot a lot of landscapes, portraits and articles for magazines, widely diverse pursuits yet being in the present means looking at the possibilities around you – light and shadows, colour, subject, environment, storyline etc, but not having an expectation of the outcome.

I have been remiss in not exploring meditation for photographers in my  workshops. That’s going to change. Not everyone will connect with this but it will be offered nevertheless.