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This has been a pretty common sight in the Flinders Ranges and Outback in recent days. Outback floods, fast running creeks and rivers don’t get seen by a lot of people when they are at their most spectacular, mainly because roads are cut by the flood waters too.

This is the Parachilna Creek and about the only place I could get to it without running into trouble.

These waters will probably make it all the way to Lake Torrens to the west, but in many cases it disperses across the plains before reaching the lake.

People thinking of travelling in this part of the world should check on road condition here before setting out.

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  • Hi Peter,
    great pics! – I have watches events from afar, and I really was looking for images exactly like yours Great news to hear about the parliamentary decision on Arkaroola just two days ago! Seems like nature is washing itself clean of all the nasty politics of the last few years.