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The dead trees along this creek tell a story of heartbreak and hardship.

While quick and heavy falls of rain are nothing new around this part of the world, particularly in summer and often caused by thunderstorms, nothing prepared Geoff and Di Mengersen for devastating floods in April 2010.

Depot Springs received about 100 millimetres or 4 inches of rain in 90 minutes.

The torrential downpour changed the whole landscape. It washed away hills, took out about 15 kilometres of fences, washed away roads, and destroyed infrastructure.

700 sheep were lost.

Hundreds of large river red gums were ripped from the ground and washed away. Those that remained were literally battered to death…..ringbarked by the tons of broken trees and other debris hurled down by the terrific force of the water.

Today they make a forlorn sight…a stark reminder of a storm that almost forced the Mengersens to give up the property.

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  • Gillian Trahair says:

    It is very hard to believe that water cando such terrible damage. really appreciate your photos. Found them in the Outback magazine .Cheers Gill