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Water Tank 2

©Copyright 2014 Peter MacDonald Photography. All rights reserved.

Electrical storms are good for photographs..either before, during or after the event.

There’s a certain blue colour that not seen at other times that has been caught in this picture.

The colour is quite pronounced. It’s  usually seen in the afternoon on a stinking hot day when the storm clouds are building and there’s a bit of crackle and fizz in the air.

In these conditions, there will often be only a few drops of rain on a land that desperately needs it. Every living thing is in search of water. Birds gather at the bore tanks. Kangaroos, emus,sheep and cattle hang around the water troughs as another scorching sun sinks into the west.

Water Tank

©Copyright 2014 PeterMacDonald Photography. All rights reserved

Virga, the meteorological term for rain that doesn’t reach the ground, at least produces a rainbow to mark the occasion.

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  • Jillian Crick says:

    Magic photos Peter. Love the light you have captured.
    Please note my change of email address. Bigpond are just impossible at present.