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©Copyright Peter MacDonald 2015. All Rights Reserved

The recent rains have opened up all sorts of opportunities that have kept me on the road or in the air over the last few weeks.

The most obvious result of those rains has been the greening of the countryside over a wide area of the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

It is something of a shock to see such areas of green when you are so used to the brown and yellow hues that normally cover the land.

From the air it is very evident.

The Wooltana Station homestead nestling up against the foothills of the Flinders Ranges is surrounded in a Green carpet


Copyright Peter MacDonald 2015. All Rights Reserved.

After rains the vegetation takes on a rather striking shade of green.

It’s almost iridescent as seen here on both side of the Nepowie Range near the Gammon Ranges National Park.

The time of day could have a bearing on this.

The image above was taken mid afternoon..the other two, top and bottom, in the early morning.


©Copyright Peter MacDonald 2015. All Rights Reserved

Further north you could almost imagine playing an extended round of golf on the plains near the Beverley Uranium mine.

The bunkers could be  a bit savage though.

In the world of digital photography, green seems to be the colour most difficult to capture correctly. Whether that’s an Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom thing I am not sure. It could be just me.

However I have found that taking  care to get exposures right is the best way round this.