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Hawker Showers

Showers rolling in along the hills south of Hawker in the Flinders Ranges. © Peter MacDonald 2015

In some ways the change in  seasons is gradual. In others it comes quite quickly. It’s no so hot anymore and you realise summer is gone. The first cold weather, showers, the end of daylight saving all indications winter is not too far away.

Still autumn is really the best time to be in the Flinders Ranges or further afield in the Outback.

Pictures are a bit hard to come by at the moment. I have been involved in a couple of projects where for one reason or another, I can’t use images that I’ve recently  taken.

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  • John says:

    Hi Mac,
    Is this the venue for the comments we discussed?
    This shot brings a chill – that sense of smell and cold that elevate’s the senses – one feels alive

    • Peter MacDonald says:

      Yes John you got it. Congratulations. You are one of a small group who give me some feedback. Best, Peter